A few changes…

When we first started this blog, it was in response to all our friends who were saying, “How do you know about all these neat things to do?”.  It’s a kind of repository for what we hear about, the adventures we’ve had, and things we’d like to check out some day.

Then, I became very excited about Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook.  Linking the accounts, trying to “increase traffic”, and a few other social media buzz terms.  Twitter I gave up on fairly quickly, but I thought Pinterest was pretty neat and Facebook was a great place to toss out quick pieces of information.

This year, our family has experienced a big shift away from field trips (in the past we were taking at least one a week!) toward supporting our children deeply exploring their own specific interests.  Outside of a cross country trip, we’ve only gone on 3 outings this Fall.  Unfortunately, during this time I’ve been feeling guilty for “neglecting” the blog and Facebook pages as well as completely abandoning our Pinterest page.

I’ve decided to let go of the guilt and feelings of obligation.

If there’s one thing that a deeper understanding of Unschooling has taught me, it’s that if it doesn’t bring our family joy, it needs to go.  So ~ I will stop worrying about making the posts “Pin-worthy” and trying to concentrate on whether they contain the appropriate buzz words and hyperlinks.  I will stop paying for and managing a custom domain.  I will stop worrying about whether or not I’m posting with the optimum frequency.  I won’t be linking things over to Twitter or Pinterest at all.  I’ll probably be on Facebook more than here simply because, for me, it’s easier.  I do hope that what’s already here & what is posted in the future continues to be a fun & inspiring resource for you.  More than anything:

Wishing you amazing and wonderful adventures in 2015!

The Grand Canyon

Please note: In the time since this was posted, someone else purchased the .com domain that we used to own.  We are not affiliated with that site.

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