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We’ve Moved! 

Our family has moved on to a new season in life and away from regularly taking field trips. We’re no longer regularly monitoring this blog or updating/adding information.

I’m excited to announce that Texas Unschoolers will now be home to all these resources. Not only does this allow me to preserve all the information I’ve gathered over the years, but I will be periodically blogging for them in the future on a variety of topics of interest to our family.

Thank you for all of your support and I hope you’ll join us over there!

Please note: Someone else purchased the .com domain that we used to own.  We are not affiliated with that site.


We know there are TONS of blogs about Houston.  However, when searching for things to do in the city ~ we found that “Houston Field Trips” didn’t bring up much info other than a few museums.  Additionally, the majority of links were directed at Public/Private School teachers and administrators or “Group Tours” for adults.

Houston is an amazing city and offers a variety of museums, parks, and events.  We are within an hour of 10 State Parks/Historic Sites.  There are numerous factories that offer tours and hands on demonstrations.  Homeschooling is a wonderful journey that allows our children numerous experiences that are limited in a typical “brick-n-mortar” school setting.  As Homeschoolers, even more so as Unschoolers ~ our approach, goals, and preferences often differ from those of school administrators.

Our family wanted to share options for homeschoolers wishing to visit popular locations and a few places you may not have heard of.  The Categories menu to the the right is designed to help you search based on criteria like location, cost, or age range.  We also hope to pass along tips we’ve learned when visiting as a group or just with your family.  We’ve also compiled a list of events & activities by month.   If you’re on a tight budget ~ you’ll find a lot to do for free in Houston, Humble, Katy, Baytown, Galveston and more!

If you prefer Facebook, please “like” HoustonFieldTrips to receive announcements about upcoming events.

Please know that this isn’t a “homeschoolers only” blog and we truly hope that sharing our experiences and suggestions will bless your family no matter your educational choices.   It’s a big city ~ EXPLORE IT!

Unless otherwise noted, all of the content and photography on this website is the copyright of HoustonFieldTrips.com and The Miller Family.  Please respect the time and effort put into sharing our experiences and compiling this information. With the exception of copyrighted photography, we encourage you to share the information provided on this website ~ we simply ask that you link back (sharing buttons are provided on each post) and not alter it.  If you have any questions, please use the contact form.  Thank you!
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